Heartbreak And Tarot

Posted: May 12, 2015 by admin

ten_swordsTarot Cards Of Heartache

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Heartache, who wants it? Disillusion from seemingly perfect relationships. The holidays taken together, the endless debates over which movie to watch – recovering from which can be painful. I always put these readings on a priority. Yes, I am a total sucker for romance. Each time I get a mail on heartbreak I prioritise the particular reading. For a reader it’s important to try and interpret the healing cards along with the glaring “heart broken” cards. And tarot does not shy away from telling the truth as it is. My heart goes heavy when I see the spread – the tell tale cards standing tall with their wisdom – asking me to tell as it is. The story so direct in your face that there’s no getting around it. Often, there is a healing card either hidden mid way in the reading or indicating it’s on it’s way in the querent’s life.
I often encourage my clients to grieve rather than beat themselves up. Heart-aches are a time of self nurturance. Being kind and forgiving of yourself, treating yourself gently. I have found, its best to embrace grief much as it kills us than to delude ourselves. I have had few clients get either get upset with me, not listen to the advice or start defending the relationship or situation. Some clients love to do post analysis of what went wrong and how – completely again ignoring the advice which kills the purpose of the tarot reading.

When heart break appears in a reading it’s seldom sugar coated. It shows the relationship like it is.The beautiful thing about the most painful readings is it offers healing or a way out as well. It encourages you to look at your fears within and deal with them rather than play ostrich or the victim in your own life.
In a day and age where technology, entertainment encourages you to distract yourself from your pain. these readings help you get in touch with what’s really going on, feel our feelings, and then act on what we know to be true for ourselves.

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