Personal Readings

Personal Readings

The Tarot reports customised for you, will help you in answering the often-asked question, “Which route do I take?”. The cards offer a map in front indicating where your strengths and potential lie not just in career, but in personal life as well. Most importantly, they help you make informed and wise decisions enabling you to work hand-in-hand with the universe, as you start understanding that everything happens at the right time.

The emphasis here is on discovering your own possibilities rather than getting overwhelmed by the negativity in any given situation.

Individual personality analysis

This would include besides an understanding of the personality, other important information such as the ruling planets and positive as well as negative attributes, suitable occupations, etc.

Relationship analysis

This would give a brief understanding of each individual’s personality before going into details of the relationship possibilities, the strengths, areas of concern etc. Relationships could pertain to private, family, social or professional life.

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