Tarot Tips: When Tarot Say’s Wait!!

Posted: May 23, 2015

“Wait. This was the first lesson I had learned about love. The day drags along, you make thousands of plans, you imagine every possible conversation, you promise to change your behavior in certain ways — and you feel more and more anxious until your loved one arrives. But by then, you don’t know what to say. The hours of waiting have been transformed into tension, the tension has become fear, and the fear makes you embarrassed about showing affection.” ― Paulo Coelho, By the River Piedra I Sat Down and Wept
Patience, Wait…I hear myself say this a lot…for some of us it rules our lives, makes us immobile…frustrates, angers and tears us apart. Times when we want answers but the wisdom is in the painful wait.

Laos: On Buddha’s trail….

Posted: May 20, 2015

What really touched me about this country was though Laos is among the poorest countries of the world, the people here have found the way to happiness by accepting Buddhism as their major religion. Buddhism helps them in finding joy in simple living. Most of these people live in hamlets which are situated by the rivers as the main occupation here is agriculture.

Heartbreak And Tarot

Posted: May 12, 2015

When heart break appears in a reading it’s seldom sugar coated. It shows the relationship like it is.The beautiful thing about the most painful readings is it offers healing or a way out as well. It encourages you to look at your fears within and deal with them rather than play ostrich or the victim in your own life.

7 Things Not To Do During Mercury Retrograde

Posted: May 11, 2015

Top 7 Things Not To Do During A Mercury Retrograde
We will feel extra sensitive; everything will seem hyper-real, you will notice things you had overlooked before. This will prompt you to re-evaluate, renovate, re-form, and re-invent. It’s true you might have to redo things, because Mercury will hit the same degree three times, but what this transit won’t let you do is to go into autopilot.