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4 Tips To Set 2023 Resolutions

Posted: January 1, 2023 by admin

Let’s drop the charade for once and for all of this silly childish tradition of setting resolutions when the chances are that not only will we not achieve them, but we will forget them halfway through the first quarter.

So let’s not bother! Because if we approach all of our life the way we approach our New Year’s resolutions, we’ll forever be the gold fish in a bowl.

So maybe a better question to ask is: Why do we need to set intentions at all? Why need to be so goal focussed? And, we always need to be thinking about our future? Is the hype justified around pushing our bodies and stretching our minds or the need to live in the future instead of the present?

However, this year I do have a resolution. I want to improve a skill that is essential for most things I face every day, being mindful. To be present when I am engaging with people, to be mindful of the tasks that I do. Sharing few things that have helped me!

This is how you set 2023 Resolutions
2023 Resolution tarotbyanisha

Manifest With Your Vision Board

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Define in detail what what you want. Without a clear vision, it’s hard to direct our efforts in ways that serve our goals. It’s also hard to attract the support and resources we need. Vision boards are an amazing tool to help create that focused vision and kickstart the real manifestation process.The kind of work you want to create, the topics that interest you, the kind of life you envision for yourself. Place your vision board where you see them often. For instance, you can place a vision board on a mirror you use to get ready in the morning. Or, you could hang it on a wall in a room you use often.It should be easily accessible daily. This visual reminder helps you “manifest the things you want” by taking action to get them. Whenever you need to make a decision in your life, your dream board is there to remind you of what matters to you. Think of it as a nudge in the right direction.


Keep a record of every little victory. Practice mindfulness and self-talking, or reminding yourself how your actions can have detrimental effects will help. Every day effort counts. Short-term goals are easier to achieve and will help you stay motivated as you continue to make incremental progress. However, it is also important to not stress too much as it may lead to burnout. Deliver your best each day: and be satisfied with the knowledge that you did you best. (assuming that you did) Consider organizing the tasks in a daily planner and tracking the progress and due dates which you set as alarms in your phones. (very irritating but effective) What has been challenging around it and how you will deal with any deviation from your resolution. Mindsets tend to drive behaviours that drive outcomes.

Learn Something New

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Research has proven that lifelong learning, whether acquiring a skill like baking or taking up an activity like riding motorcycles, can greatly improve your mental wellbeing. Besides, learning new skills makes you a more interesting person to be around. It improves the quality of your life and also deepens the relationships you have. It can boost your self-esteem and give you a sense of purpose. It activates the release of the ‘feel-good’ chemical dopamine in the brain and helps you cope with the stress and strain of everyday life while increasing your energy levels and immunity. 

 Studies suggest that adults need to stimulate their minds more as they grow older. Learning a difficult skill or undertaking a challenging task can enhance cognitive ability and slow down the ageing process.

Reduce (or Eliminate) Procrastination

Procrastination hampers our goals and hampers anything we may be trying to achieve. The thing is, most of us procrastinate. What follows is a guilt trip and self loathing. However, we need to understand – when we do not have a set plan or agenda to complete a task or activity – we will fail. Most of the time it is due to at least these three factors

Absence of discipline (being too easy on yourself – eg- not waking up on a scheduled time etc)

Intolerance for uncomfortable emotions (like – it’s too cold, too hot, self image issues)

Our biases (I can’t do it or this is not for me or I’m too old etc.)

Try This To Achieve Your 2023 Resolutions

Life Will Not Wait
  • Make it easier to do things by breaking tasks into bite sizes.
    • Define daily goals.
  • Don’t underestimate eating healthy.
    • Besides being good for your health, eating right will help you to be more productive. Watch out for caffeine and sugar – the most destructive agents.
  • Commit to a tiny first step or at least sign up for the gym (e.g., walk for 1 km before running the marathon).
  • Keep your desk clean and tidy, and remove anything that might distract you.
    • Keep everything you might need handy (even a bottle of water) to reduce the chances of having to interrupt what you’re doing.
  • Regulate and time your breaks while working (short brisk 5 min walks work best or just get up ams stretch)
  • Make tasks more enjoyable (e.g., by listening to music while you do them).
  • Delay before indulging the impulse to procrastinate (try counting to 10 first – if that doesn’t work – count to 100).
  • Plan how you’ll handle obstacles (e.g., by deciding that if X happens, then you’ll do Y).
  • Identify and address your fears (e.g., by considering what advice you’d give to a friend)

Lastly, nothing will move till you do. Develop psychological flexibility (developed by the psychologist Todd Kashdan )

Once you understand that uncomfortable emotions do not mean that you’re going in wrong direction or “this is not for me syndrome” – you’ll be surprised on how effective and productive you are.

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