This Is How The Astrological New Year 2023 Will Affect Each Zodiac Sign

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This year, the Astrological New Year is quickly followed by the new moon in March 2023 which makes the refreshing impact of this transition that much more apparent. Now is the time to let go of the clutter and negativity to create space for something new, so set an intention and commit to goals that guide you in the right direction.


Not only is the Astrological New Year, but it is also your birthday season! Avoid looking back on what you “could have done”, and let this new year encourage you to change your perspective and become more present. You will benefit greatly from introducing and embracing grounding practices into your everyday routine. Gratitude practices, meditating, journaling and spending time in nature are all things that should be done often. This year is all about owning your boss vibes and helping others to do the same. Sometimes the kindest thing you can do is be a light of love for those around you. That’s what this new astrological year is all about: being an inspiration through your self-prioritization. Make sure that you celebrate more than once with more than one group of friends. Stick to being in the nature as much as possible during social events. (think picnic in the park) as well as a fun group outing.


The Astrological New Year is encouraging you to speak up for yourself and step into your self-worth. There is no better time than the present moment for you to start treating yourself with love and admiration, rather than waiting for others to reflect your worth back to you. When you start to walk around with your head held high and a sense of security that is unshakable, others will have no choice but to adapt to this newfound confidence and perseverance you’re tapping into. It will be hard for anyone to reject your idea’s but do remember, anyone else’s rejection is simply a redirection towards something better and even more aligned.Have faith, the right people and opportunities are going to find you with ease in this new year. 

Celebrate by going out to your favorite restaurant with an intimate group of friends, or just one loved one. The close-knit energy is going to allow you to start exercising your confidence in subtle ways where you can see other people’s receptivity in real time!


This Astrological New Year marks a powerful time of dedication to your goals. With Saturn just recently entering into fellow mutable sign Pisces back on March 7, you were most likely already feeling the pressure to be more focused. However, the Aries energy that marks a new astrological year is going to ignite a flame inside of you to feel inspired by the projects, relationships, and introspection that you are focusing on rather than feeling daunted by this task. A period of dedication is not a form of punishment, but truly a time to live in reverence to yourself and the future that you want for yourself. If that future does not include isolation, over-working and stress, dedicate yourself to creating a life where you are free of those things. You cannot get what you want by doing the opposite, and that is what this Astrological New Year is all about for you, Gemini. Learning to let go of past habits with love.

Celebrate the Astrological New Year by writing down a list of all of the ways you self-sabotaged over the past year. Something as simple as “dressing to impress rather than the way I wanted to” or “saying yes to plans when I really wanted to say no”. Then burn that list (safely) and flush the ashes down the toilet. These habits are not welcome in the new year!


The Astrological New Year will be a moment that marks the beginning of a new phase for you. You are going to be setting boundaries and becoming your own best friend in the Astrological New Year. The effects of this new year are going to be palpable as you start to pull away from the people and things that no longer feel aligned with where you are headed. Things like talking poorly about yourself and others will be replaced with community events and likeminded friendships. Hold on to the people that make you feel lit up, and pour into those friendships and relationships while fully releasing yourself from the pressure to engage with anyone or anything else.

You can celebrate the marking of a new astrological year by making yourself your favorite meal, pouring yourself your favorite drink—which can totally be sans alcohol, too—lighting your best-smelling candle, and really resigning to the fact that something has changed for the better inside of you. End the night with a long epsom salt bath, some unplugged time, and an early night’s rest. You deserve it!


You will be wildly affected by the Astrological New Year. This is going to be one that is filled with new opportunities for love and career for you, so try to prepare yourself for the life that you’ve been working towards. Instead of assuming that this year will just be filled with “more of the same”, what if you started to do things in your daily experience that could build up into new habits, perspectives, and routines? Wake up and write out a gratitude list each morning, make sure you eat a nourishing home-cooked meal at least once per day, and find a form of movement that you enjoy enough to keep up with it. Instead of trying to do what everyone else is doing, this Astrological New Year is going to wake you up to your position as a pack-leader. You will start to notice this shift internally and it will start to reflect back to you externally as others start to inquire about your outfits, exercise routines, skincare routine and more. You will be glowing, and the new year is here to remind you that shifts are always possible for us.

Celebrate the astrological new year by investing in your health. Find a healthy recipe you want to try and gather all of the ingredients for a fun night in, or better yet, buy enough to cook for some loved ones too!


We all know that you thrive with a routine and a list (or twelve). Let the Astrological New Year be a moment where you take some time in solitude to reflect on what this last year had brought to you. Lessons, hardship, big wins, new relationships, memories, experiences and more. Write down the good and the not-so-good parts so you can get a clear picture of how capable you are of handling it all. Now, write down the new approach you plan to take in order to navigate the avoidable aspects of life for the year ahead. A great example of this would be: which friendships feel good and which no longer do? Spend more time with the people that make you feel confident, happy, and safe in their presence while saying “no” to the relationships and dynamics that you may have outgrown.

The best way to celebrate all that you’ve done and learned over the last year is by doing something on your bucket list and starting this astrological new year off on a positive note! If you are currently involved with a romantic partner, this could also be a great bonding experience so that you are creating memories together from day one of this new year!


The Astrological New Year is going to be a powerful shift for you. This year our nodes of destiny will be in your sign of Libra as well as your sister sign, Aries. That means that you are getting the centerstage in 2023 and beyond. You will start to feel energized and deeply moved by the opportunities that will arise for you this year. You may see that your relationships, family, or career are growing to new heights and this will be an eye-opening time for you to reflect on all of the hard work that has brought you to this pivotal point where you will begin to reap the rewards of your labor.

With the full moon in your sign just a few weeks from now on April 6, start your spring cleaning early. Go through your closet, drawers and cabinets and let go of any clutter. Energetically, this is going to make space for abundance to flow to you in the form of friendship, love, money and so much more Libra! Let the Astrological New Year begin now!


You are going to feel quite nostalgic during the Astrological New Year. With Aries being in your sixth house of daily habits and routines, there may be a sense of growing up or growing out of old relationships and routines that used to make you happy that no longer do. You are going to feel a big internal and external shift as the new year arrives, making it nearly impossible for you to sit still and let life pass you by. You may find yourself moving or changing your career path entirely during this time. Embrace the change, and don’t apologize for your desire to change! After all, you are the sign of rebirth and transformation. Lead the way, and let other people know that change isn’t always (if ever) a bad thing!

You might celebrate the Astrological New Year by getting a hair cut or a tattoo. There is a deep transformation happening underneath the surface of your life that needs an energetic release, Scorpio. And what better way to do this than to change your outer appearance and how you walk through the world? Remember, we don’t dress and adorn ourselves for the acceptance of others, we do it to better represent ourselves in the world. Have fun with this temporary (or permanent) change as you welcome in a new astrological year!


Dearest Centaurs, you may be feeling quite overwhelmed at this time, but that’s OK. Fighting off pangs of indifference, sadness or grief as you shift through an ever changing world. The funny part about this is that others usually look to you as a beacon of optimism, humor and adventure. So if you’re feeling stuck at this time, know that it’s okay to take a break from being everyone else’s form of comedic relief and intrigue, and go inward. Sometimes the greatest adventures we take are the ones that dive deeply into our own souls. The Astrological New Year will mark a time for you where you are dedicating more deeply to your long-term goals. With Saturn sitting in fellow mutable sign Pisces for the next three years, you may welcome in this new year with a newfound sense of self and goals that you’ve never entertained before.

Celebrate the new year by engaging in hobbies that are new and exciting to you. Sometimes it’s better to be on the receiving end of being taught and entertained, Sag. After all, the sun is entering fellow fire sign Aris, which is opening your heart to new adventures and even bigger ideas!


The Astrological New Year is going to be a time of reawakening your inner child. You are going to feel invigorated by the Aries energy that is arriving with both the sun (March 20) and new moon (March 21) in this bold energy and landing in your fourth house of home and family. You would do best to recognize the ways that your childhood dreams can still exist in your present day reality. Instead of judging the importance of finger painting or playing with Play-Doh, why not just spend an afternoon creating and enjoying the process? It’s easy to forget how much we benefit from free-play, but this astrological new year is here to remind you of the value of play time. If you allow yourself “recess” each day for the new year, watch how much happier and lighter you feel when the next Astrological New Year rolls around in 2024!

Take time to play and be at ease to celebrate the Astrological New Year’s arrival on March 20. You deserve a permission slip to play more often, Capricorn, and this is it! Start day one of the new year off on a positive note by having a relaxing, fun, silly and creative afternoon at least once per week, but hopefully even more!


Aquarius, the Astrological New Year is going to highlight your desire for true friendships and a sense of community. Aries season marks the first day of the Astrological New Year, and will be illuminating your third house of groups and friendships. Let this be the theme of the new year as a whole for you. Instead of expending your energy on a quantity of friends, put quality as the top priority. Connect with people who have had similar life experiences, or have a similar outlook on life now. You do not need to be bogged down by explaining your thoughts and emotions ad nauseum to people who just, simply, do not understand you or your heart. Instead of feeling poorly for not accepting everyone else, focus on going towards people who make you feel accepted, without forcing it. The theme of your new year is finding your soul tribe.

Break out of your shell and go to a group event, class or workshop to celebrate the new year’s arrival. Inside tip? If you’re going to a specialized event (like a pottery class or a discussion on a topic you enjoy), everyone else is also interested in that thing! Your icebreaker is easy as pie. Let this be the marker of how the rest of your year will go: bold, brave and in spaces of community.


The Astrological New Year is going to feel like a breath of fresh air for you. If you’ve been struggling with your career or finances over the last year, Aries season (which starts on March 21) is going to create opportunities for you and add stability. You may feel like you are more dedicated to yourself and your authentic expression than ever before. That is in part due to Saturn sitting in your first house of identity and self-expression, forcing you to create boundaries, rules and routines around how you show up for yourself. This might look like a new therapist, more time spent journaling/reflecting or even a new wardrobe. But however, this energy of self-prioritization has entered into your life, let yourself catch the wave and keep it going! Celebrate this new year with doing something that you absolutely love. Go for a long ride/drive, take the scenic route home and when you get back make sure to put on your comfiest pyjamas and turn on your comfort movie. There is no such thing as over-indulgence when it comes totalling care of yourself.

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