Tarot Code Of Ethics

(World Tarot Network – USA.)

Tarot is an indicative science and should be used as guidance. You always have the right to exercise your own free will and to make your own choices. The Tarot experience is a way of looking at what energies are currently in the life of a client and a possible outcome if certain actions are taken or not taken. Ultimately, we are responsible for our lives and the consequences our decisions result in. The outcome can change as per the circumstances; Tarot provides insights based on your present life situations. It is local in application.’

I will ensure that you have a useful and supportive tarot reading experience.

• You are entitled to my full attention during the reading.

• You are entitled to ask questions during the reading to gain further clarification.

• You are entitled to full and complete answers to the questions covered in your reading.

• Your tarot reading is private and confidential.

• You are not required to purchase anything else.

• I will interpret and read the cards honestly and to the best of my abilities.

• I may re phrase the question to get better clarity for you and will share the possibilities and offer any suggestions I feel will help you. However, I cannot advise you on medical diagnosis, legal counsel or stock advice.

• I will advise the clients of the costs of a reading before the appointment is made. There are no hidden extra charges.

• I may refuse to read for any client should I feel uncomfortable or the reading at all is unethical. In these cases, your complete fee will be refunded.

• Time in the future is in transit – unformed and undecided. The future is not a fixed event. Decisions we make today affect our tomorrows.

• Readings will not knowingly be given to clients aged under 18 years without permission from their parent or guardian.

• Readings cannot be given about anyone other than the client, and questions relating to others (e.g. third parties ) will be re-phrased