Getting guidance

One important principle of the Tarot is that the answer depends very much on the question – you will always get a true response, but the more you take responsibility for your question, the more direct and useful the answer will be.

Here are some time tested tips which have been culled from the experts and handed down generations that will help you get clarity.

Think Your Question Through.

Take time out and carefully think through your issue before you go in for a Tarot reading. Keep it simple.

Be Clear and Direct.

Be clear. A brief background to your concern will help the reader focus better and offer you insights on your specific situation. Vague questions lead to vague answers. If you want a general overview, state it. Remember the Tarot Reader will give you the most honest insights to your situation so the more honest you are with yourself and your reader, the more beneficial the insights will be.

Avoid Mixing Too Many Questions in One.

I’ve had countless people coming in and ask me to tell them about their marriage, job, new house, health all in one question. Not only do such questions exhaust the reader, they confuse the issue and the clarity disappears. Slow down, relax, one issue at a time.

Accept Responsibility for your life

The Tarot reveals the possibilities and presents a forum for self-exploration but does not predict or tell your future. You choose your own fate. Tarot’s strengths are an ability to pick up on people’s thoughts through the intuitive skills of the person doing the reading.

Avoid asking questions that deflect responsibility like “Will I get promoted?” Instead you can turn it around to “What do I need to know if I want to be promoted in 6 months?” In that way you are gaining from the wisdom of the Tarot and enabling yourself to work towards a more positive direction.

The Tarot can lay forth your options, challenges, strengths, weaknesses, hidden influences and possible outcomes. Ultimately the decision lies in your hands, and no reading is ever carved in stone.

Avoid Yes/No Questions

Frame a question in such a way that you get more out of a reading. Instead of asking “Will I get a promotion/job?” ask “How can I work towards a the promotion /job?” In that way, you not only receive guidance, an honest assessment of your situation, you become an active and not passive participant in your own Life. Remember happiness resides in all of us. Sometimes it helps to have a little information to help us find it within.

Keep an open mind

As Tarot readers have been saying for centuries, a good tarot reading occurs when you believe and come with an open mind. Without belief, the whole operation is an exercise in futility. You should also be willing to at least consider the advice given to you by the reader, and not dismiss it off hand. Tarot only works for those who are willing to listen.

Treat the Tarot as if it were a friend

A Tarot reading can sometimes be like a visit to a friend who can look at your situation objectively and empathically. Remember a Tarot reader is simply interpreting your cards in context of your question and trying to help you find clarity and focus in your life at that point in time.

Don’t expect Fortune Telling

Tarot cards, in the hands of an experienced Tarot reader, can tell you things about your past, about your present, and often, things that may happen in the future. But Tarot card reading is not fortune-telling. Any possible outcomes the reader sees are possibilities only. Your future depends on your past and current actions, and you can change your outcome by changing your actions.

Examples of Good Questions to ask the Tarot

•    What do I need to know about my professional life right now if I want a promotion by the year end?

•    How can I improve my relationship with my mother/brother/girlfriend etc?

•    Why am I facing recurring troubles with my business?

•    What is holding me back from achieving my financial goals?

•    What is the best way to handle this situation?

•    I have been struggling to find a job that suits me but have not been successful, what aspect of myself am I not seeing?

Remember, the more focused your question, the more focused will be your insights. Rely on your better judgment and spend a few minutes carefully thinking your situation through. The Tarot reader will help rephrase your question but first you will need to be clear about what exactly you want him/her to reveal to you with the Tarot cards.