Fix Each Other’s Crowns

Posted: August 25, 2017 by admin

“Friends pick us up when we fall down, and when they can’t pick us up, they lie with us and listen for a while”

Though life is simple, living tends to be complicated. To survive this thing called life and to remind us on a regular basis not to take ourselves seriously, friends are important.

They are like our own personal cheering squad. They challenge us and push us lovingly towards our emotional growth. While, it’s easy to make friends which in the current world we live in could be based more on proximity and convenience, but friends also need to be a conscious choice. Though, I am not suggesting that we choose friends based on religion, race or political beliefs but more on how much you are able to trust each other with your stories.

Vulnerability is a key in good friendships. Knowing that we won’t be judged and that our secrets will be safe. As humans we have an inherent need to feel appreciated, cared for and connect with others for our well being. It is something to do with our  psyche to make us  makes us feel connected with like-minded people.

You have to take  time to invest in your friendships. Being a good friend requires making that effort to stay in touch, meet often and keep sharing your story.

Don’t worry about the dwindling number of friends as you grow older. It’s better to have few real friends than a large group. et us open up our hearts to each other. Be authentic and show up when your friends needs you.  Don’t be a part of the growing community where it’s hard to even commit to a coffee date at a specific day and time, but they will have the time to live virtually .  Don’t join that tribe, where it’s acceptable to cancel plans to meet up but stay glued to the phone texting till mid night.

Prioritize time with your friends, invest in your emotional cheer leaders. Remember, it’s always the small things that matter.




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