Second Chances

Posted: November 5, 2017 by admin

And when they finally split

For a man who claimed to be her life

Counted the dinner plates to be evenly split

His mother silently flipped through a magazine, pretending ignorance

She had pointedly seen through her grief,  grief her son had caused

You  had not asked me before being together she said – how can I interfere?

There will be many more, he’s a desirable man after all and she’s not his first

Women will come and women will go – but my son will remain mine

Second chances are mistakes, this girl should have never happened

How dare she seek permanence in impermanence?

She watches the mother and son duo – in sync with the other’s charade

This is the dance they’ve danced many times before

Let me help you  pack his mother softly says

I understand your pain – but you do know you have to go

You are better off without him

My son is a wanderer, a gypsy – he has no anchors where his heart is concerned

You will look at them with shattered hope glistening like shards in your eyes

Why did he start the dance at all when he had no intention of dancing, you’ll ask

He’s just a boy, she whispers

Anything shiny catches his eye.





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