Full Moon In Pisces: 6th September 2017

Posted: September 2, 2017 by admin

The September 6 full moon in Pisces is strongly influenced by Neptune retrograde which is also happening in Pisces. The main themes of the September 2017 full moon  are all about spirituality, idealism, deception,  weakness, confusion and vagueness.

How will Neptune full moon influence affect your mood and close relationships?

You can expect increase in  emotional sensitivity. Try not to act on what you’re feeling  for Neptune brings with it deception and delusions.

The Full Moon is Pisces will work like a double edged sword. One one hand you could be paranoid with your instincts sharpening and on another your compassion will soar. Close relationships will get focussed and there could be a sense of being deceived or vulnerable.

Have clarity on what you want in your love relationships. If things have been challenging, there are chances  beginning of a clandestine affair which could become a recurring theme in your relationship. There can be enhanced secrecy, lies and keeping a certain relationship secret for fear of being exposed. Neptune encourages deception and for all Pisces Sun, Rising and moon the effect can be potent. Your sense of reality could be warped. Remember to separate your impressions or feelings from what reality is.  Deal with difficult issues, rather than bury yourself in form of addiction, or numbing yourself by consciously ignoring the problems.

Do self worth affirmations. Open Your Heart.  Initiate meaningful conversations. Be vulnerable.


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