Astrology Tips to Date A Vigo

4 Tips To Date A Virgo

Posted: September 6, 2020 by admin

 Virgos are born between August 23 and September 22, and belong to the Earth element of the zodiac and are governed by Mercury, the messenger planet of communication. Though Mercury too rules Gemini, both these signs are dramatically different: Gemini is about being vocal and expressive, whereas Virgo is about internal processing. Virgo’s are (assuming they have a Virgo Sun and rising) forever striving to provide workable solutions and improve broken systems. 

  1. Compassion & Kindness: Vigo’s will watch you closely, how do you treat the server on your first date or how you stop to pet a random stray. They will love it if they know you work with animals or children during your spare time or full time.
  2. Spare The Theatrics: Spare the drama, the excessive display of moods, tantrums etc. Your Virgo will never forgive you for being the drama king/queen. Instead, talk to them calmly and they will support you.
  3. Honestly and Empathy: Virgo’s will go an extra mile for you if they feel you are genuine and come from a place of empathy. They are willing to give you a long rope initially to prove yourself, but if you’ve been lying they will leave for sure. Show them that you’re dependable, reliable, and do what you say you’re going to do. They tend to want to fix things and people and thus they can turn into therapists or parental types of partners.
  4. Equal Partnership: This is a big one! Virgo’s are not looking for a boss or master. They could be a bit of perfectionist, but usually not domineering. Virgo’s long for a partner who can be their equal.

Virgos look for someone who is a good company so they can spend time just chatting about life and what is happening about the universe. Virgos love taking care of their partners or love interests…I think personally they seek reassurance and support from their partners in times of pain and turmoil. They are the natural nurtures and find it hard to ask the nurturance to be reciprocated. A Virgo is for keeps! They just want to know they are going to be together for the long haul in a stable relationship.

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