Emotional Endings – Full Moon In Pisces 1st Sept

Posted: August 27, 2020 by admin

Neptune, the ruling planet of the sleepy-eyed monster Pisces, is close to the Full Moon on the 1st/2nd September 2020 making the Pisces energy confusing with a sense of lack of direction or even control in our lives. It underlines the balance between order and disorder in our lives.

This full moon in Pisces will help us to hear our thoughts and instincts. moving with our inner tides as well as the tides of collective energy all around us. You will HAVE to go with the flow – else accept losing some friendships. Use the full moon energy for creative strength, compassion, and calmness, flowing easily with whatever changes may occur. You will find yourself being empathetic and having a need to reach out and help. (especially if you have a sun/moon rising in Pisces) .

You could be struggling with the emotions of letting go, cutting emotional ties – going with the flow. Scary – especially if you have a need to control each and every outcome in your life. 🙂 Or the need to obsessively correct your partner, your children on doing the “correct thing”. Or giving unnecessary advice when all your friend has asked for is help!

Turn inward and reflect upon what have you learned about your love and friendship that needs with the changing tides of your feelings? What do you let go of to get the love you deserve?  The Pisces full moon tends to be a highly sensitive astrological occurrence and you may be overcome by your emotions or the energies that surround you, even if you are not normally open to such subtle energies. 

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