A Time To Transform

Posted: February 25, 2011 by admin

Saturn is known as the task master of the zodiac. The strong and complex planetary energy of Saturn helps to teach life’s tough lessons. Saturn also represents many other areas of life such as, career, business, limitation, parents, time, authority, responsibility, tradition.

Wherever Saturn is in you chart is where you will learn the most and have the most development over the course of its transit.

In Tarot Saturn is represented by Death. The Fool on his journey sees, rising with the sun, a skeleton in black armor mounted on a white horse. He recognizes it as Death. As it stops before him, he humbly asks, “Have I died?” He feels, in fact, rather empty and desolate. And the Skeleton answers, “Yes, in a way. You sacrificed your old world, your old self. Both are gone, dead.” The Fool reflects on that, “How sad.” Death acknowledges this with a nod. “Yes, but it is the only way to be reborn. A new Sun is rising, and it is, for you, a time of great transformation.”

Don’t resist change ….allow movement to happen. There’s much more to the canvas 🙂


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