What Does Sanity Look Like To You?

Posted: August 30, 2017 by admin

According to Merriam-Webster, the simple definition of Sanity is:

: the condition of having a healthy mind

: the condition of being based on reason or good judgment

There are trees that lean over roadways,
over streams and rivers.
There are fields that stretch
further than you could imagine a thing
could stretch, still, after all this time
and all this progress.  Do we name them?

I might not believe what you believe,
I might see things in a light you cannot understand,
neither are right, neither are wrong
either.  We just are, and we’re
here at the same time.  

Sanity  is sitting in open spaces,  watching the clouds form shapes.  It’s knowing how hopeless a situation is yet thinking of the fleeting happiness it gives and holding on it. Sanity is being told that you matter, that you are worthy. Sanity is recognising love and not treating it callously and temporary, thinking something better will come along or that you deserve better. Sanity is holding hands, eating ice cream and talking about nothing in particular. Sanity is going for long drives, discussing movie plots and singing weird songs.

Sanity is knowing when an argument happens, not to let it fester for long before it turns into a gangrene. Sanity is not losing your weekends sulking, hiding but understanding, you’ll lose this time – this time won’t come back and getting out of your own way.

Insanity is knowing there’s a good thing and hacking it to pieces bit by bit by ignoring people who love you, belittling them, shaming them. Insanity is ignoring how bright the sun shines outside while you bury yourself in some more TV, your phones, food. Insanity is refusing to hold someone’s hand knowing that it takes nothing but that one step from you.

Insanity is being in love and then running away from it because in your books it would mean deeper commitment, being vulnerable and sharing yourself fully. Its about hurting people again and again to prove a point. Insanity is shaming people post them baring their souls to you. Insanity is breaking spirits by hitting where it hurts – every time each time, using their love as a weapon against them. Insanity is wasting time, wasting holidays being angry, refusing to see that it’s more wasted time –  just to prove a point.



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