Ways To Break The Circle Of Pain

Posted: September 30, 2017 by admin

Pain is and isn’t similar to energy. In keeping with the primary law of physics, energy will neither be created nor destroyed however is just born-again from one type to a different.

We tend to store this energy – the pain body in ourselves, creating a parallel to the first law of thermodynamics which I call the cycle of pain.

It’s like having a bad day at work, coming home and losing it with the family members or shutting yourself out – making people around you sad or upset. Who can further, take it out on the house help or on a family members – continuing the cycle of negativity. The pain body does not go away but changes form of negativity depending upon the victim – never really going away.

The interesting thing is that this pain body or energy can be changed as it can be multiplied. It’s important to recognise at that moment whether we ourselves are going through it or the pain belongs to someone else. It is easy and yet difficult to implement at the same time.

When confronted with such a situation, say you are in between a tense atmosphere, do you walk away, clamp down or break down crying? Negative energy reacts and multiplies quickly when attached with another negativity. Watch yourself carefully. Do you tend to blame, push other people away, stone wall or feel like a victim?

Try embracing the pain body when it is flung at you lovingly and then releasing it calmly, saying to yourself, “you don’t belong here”.

You can train yourself to detach from the other persons pain body and if the other person allows, gently lead them out of it as well by helping them recognise what’s going on with them. Of course, you should not participate with a completely toxic or destructive person, who’ll just wear you out.

Even if you are not the source of the pain body, try not to shut your eyes to the other persons pain. Try and maintain a level of consciousness to actively counter the cycle of pain. And for this you have to be alert and catch the pain body when it starts arising in you.

Awareness in itself, will lead you to the path of closing the loop of pain for good.


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