The Epic Lessons Of 2018

Posted: December 21, 2018 by admin

I’m right in between the space of Christmas and New Year. Looking back is an important ritual, even if it overwhelms you. It’s to remind yourself how far you’ve come and even though maybe you want to change everything that happened to you in 2018, the disappointments, the heartbreak, and then maybe some of you want to celebrate your hard-earned victory. I Have listed a couple of lessons I found valuable, some may resonate with you.

Unplug and be selective to the voices around you. Don’t fall for the overnight success stories or the great bodies that you stalk on Instagram. They worked hard at where they are. You have to own your worth. You need to start where you are.

You have a choice. You always have.. You can go ahead justify and blame your environment, the economy, your relationship – the truth is – you have a choice.  There is never a situation in which you do not have power and a choice.

 Set yourself free. Know that you choose everything. Even in “inaction” there is a choice. In reality, there is no true inaction or stagnation. It’s our mind that changes perspectives.

Talent/creativity needs discipline. Train your mind to stay focused on things you love. It’s easy to get saturated creating resistance that further creates conflict within ourselves. Inaction leads to various energy sucking emotional states; anxiety, anger, and depression. 

Show up. And keep showing up. Don’t wait for your situation to change. Keep moving.

Look back at your grief, heart break, betrayal and stand tall with your story so it no longer owns you. But you own it. 

For those who are still experiencing challenges and hopelessness – just keep breathing. That is your only job right now. It will change. It’s just taking more time.

For you who feel everyone else has it all together and no one else has challenges – everyone struggles. Some are just better equipped at hiding it than others.

If you are ashamed about anxiety, depression, trauma, obsessive thoughts and behaviors, loneliness, experienced betrayal – seek therapy, it’s the best gift you can give yourself. Speak to a friend. you are not alone in this. You are valued, you are worthy.

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