What To Do When You Hate Your Job

Posted: August 12, 2017 by admin

First of all, it is a sad situation that the work you do, does not make you satisfied or give a sense of accomplishment. You career is a big part of your life, and when all it does is, make you wonder how in the world you ended up there, it can end up leaving you feel negative about your overall outlook and attitude. While, for some it could be manageable, but for some, the negativity can consume your whole life. And considering how tough the job market is, the idea of just throwing your job away without any options is not an option.

Here are couple of tips to manage a tough job scenario – when you can’t quit.

It is not permanent

Changing jobs is not such a bad thing – well, no longer. You need to remind yourself that this is not where you will be working for the rest if your life. I know it’s easy to feel that things will always be this bad and nothing will change. But that’s not true.

Start The Day On A Positive Note

This is some thing you should inculcate irrespective. It is easy to lose yourself in the rigmarole of the daily grind. Start your morning with doing something that makes you happy or gives you satisfaction. It could be cycling, photographing birds or simply working out.

Assess Your Situation

While, it may seem like the obvious thing to do – do it in a systematic – a pro & a con exercise. Define, what is it that makes you so negative about your work. Is it your boss? Is it the quality of work? Was the situation always like this? Your teammates? What is it that is creating a lot of negativity in your life.

Be Honest With Yourself

We often get lost in either complacency or a miserable comfort of being in a bad situation. Ask yourself some hard questions. Do you feel you’re being burdened for the majority of the work unfairly at work? Do you feel the person you report into undermines your competency and ridicules you openly? Are you paid fairly for your work? Have you tried speaking to your superior about it? Employers are keen to retain good talent, so maybe having a chat might just bring about positive solutions.

Look At The Funny Side

Research shows, that adding humour to a stressful situation can help you cope with it better without affecting your self esteem. You just maybe able to see the ridiculousnes of how intense the situation has become and be able to figure out solutions calmly. At times, it’s important to step back from the situation and assess it lightly. Stay optimistic.

Set job-hunting goals for yourself

Rather than let days turn into more days, define your days by breaking them up in small goals for yourself. To begin with, let them be weekly goals. Try and meet people both new and old and network as much as possible. Whether over a coffee or a drink – ensure that you are meeting a minimum of three people a week. Often the best way to break a stagnant pattern is to get the physical energy moving.

Seek professional help

Due to workplace stress, a lot of people are susceptible to depression, since our work is a large factor of our lives. Don’t hesitate to seek professional help, if you find yourself in a constant state of hopelessness. Don’t worry about maintaining appearances and worry about being judged – focus on maintaining your sanity.

Get A Life – Literally

While, it may feel impossible, don’t let your job take over your life. Make an extra effort to step out of your comfort zone and go out as much as possible. It’s easy to get negative and feel that the world is out to get you and nothing is working, but you need to focus on a life outside your work as well – which besides being your support system can also be a potential word of mouth for you to help to look for a new job.

Don’t Let Your Work Get Sloppy

It’s fairly common and understandable to lose interest in your work and not have the passion which you had felt earlier towards your work. Irrespective, consider the uncomfortable situation as a challenge or a task above which you have to keep pushing yourself to learn more. Push yourself to still do your best and try learning something new at work. Giving your best irrespective, will boost your confidence and faith in yourself.

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