Abandonment & Tarot

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 abandonment:  əˈbandənm(ə)nt/ noun: the action or fact of abandoning or being abandoned.  “she had a feeling of utter abandonment and loneliness”
Most of our powerful memories are based on how certain experiences we had as a child- the joy or fear of what was or what was not shaped our subconscious. The fear stays like an errant child peeping through the door – emerging his head now and then reminding us not to take risks, to doubt and not to trust.
Love : feeling protected, secure in the knowledge that you will be picked up should you fall, that you are safe, taken care off – constant. Maybe somewhere this love is possible only between a parent and child – the selflessness, the promise.
Relationships that tire over a period of time, not because of anything but sheer laziness to make an effort to keep the relationship going. No spending time together – hurried matter of fact phone calls, brisk instructions are sadly counted as love. A simple, “how are you doing? ” seem to scare the best of us.
It’s too much of investment and effort.
When one person consciously chooses not to be involved in the relationship – it can feel very awkward and it hurts. Not belonging is a terrible feeling, as if you were wearing someone else’s shoes. It can leave a person bewildered on how you stop caring about what you’ve ached over, sweated over for years? You have to confront  painful feelings in order to heal. It’s okay if people you loved, let you down and abandoned you mid way because somewhere you no longer fitted in their scheme of things!
Be fearless. Rather than break – rise. Accept, embrace that people are people – they change.
Don’t get defensive and push people away. Importantly, DON’T blame yourself. It’s a understandable reaction, but an inappropriate one. If others couldn’t love us, or love us in ways that worked, that’s not our fault. Learn to separate yourselves from the behavior of others. And take responsibility for your healing, regardless of the people around you.
Believe in yourself, discover a new passion, live the life that you always dreamed of.


In Tarot, the Eight of Cups 8 of cupsindicates  that it is time to ask yourself what you can do to bring a deeper satisfaction and joy to your life beyond the obvious pursuit of material satisfaction and/or physical enjoyment.

The Eight of Cups also indicates that you are disappointed enough to walk away from everything you have built up so far. It could indicate a disappointment in love or dissatisfaction with material success. It could also indicate that you have over-extended yourself to the point of emotional exhaustion. Even though you have already come so far, you feel that you can no longer go on and your only choice is to walk away from the situation. You feel disappointed with yourself but you know that this is the right thing to do before you completely burn out. You may also be feeling that you are giving too much and not getting nearly enough in exchange.


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