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When not to lose hope

With tarot cards, the name is a small part of a entire whole story, it’s like a trailer of a movie. Hence interpreting and being a good reader is challenging. As the illustration or title of the card is often just a fraction of the whole story, especially in decks such as the Raider Deck, which is also one of the easiest decks to read simply because all the characters are beautifully illustrated.

Similarly with a simple title like “Strength”, one would think the card would depict just that, well yes and much more.

A woman is seen trying to close the jaws of a lion, without much effort or resistance and the lion seems to be listening to her. She has a gentle look about her and seems almost tender while doing so.

The Strength Tarot card when it shows up in a troubled reading depicts a balance of the aspects of you that are both animal and human. It’s a time to be drawing a balance in your life, you need to be balancing your urges and reactions for the highest good. This is not a time to act out in anger but to look at the situation from a place of compassion and forgiveness…perhaps even detachment.

In the present position, Strength is one of the best cards in the Tarot deck. You are in the midst of getting to know how to rule your world. You are not domineering in this control. Strength is a card that exerts its control through understanding and cooperation. You are in charge, but others do your bidding because you have made it worth their while and created a joyful context in which all of you interact. The blessing this card brings in the future position is the reassurance that whatever is bothering you in life now will soon come under your control.

The no. 8
The no. 8

Strength in the future position represents upcoming positive circumstances that may seem beyond your power at the moment. Longtime challenges will be met and mastered if you keep with the path indicated by the cards leading up to Strength.

The best part of this card is learned in getting to know and appreciate yourself – the woman in the Strength card has the animal under control, but it is the look of peace upon the lion that gives this card its greatest possibilities. There is no leash or shackle on the king of the beasts – your peacefulness and self-acceptance will arrive because you will see yourself as the world views you.

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