Will I get my dream job? Will my ex come back to me?

Posted: November 26, 2011 by admin

A friend of mine came to me the other day and wanted a reading. He is thinking about a new business venture and he is actively gathering information and networking at a high speed. He told me he felt that this venture was doomed or maybe it was not a good time to start as he feels he is running into a road block after road block. He also told me that this new beginning was something he has always wanted to do. We did a one card reading asking, ‘What energy is surrounding this new business venture”? I laughed when the card that was drawn was The Fool. 🙂

Beginnings/Innocence/Blind Faith/Spontaneity

Road blocks he may be encountering are just normal ‘red tape’. He must continue on with this new phase in his life believing ‘the powers that be’.

Writing a Question

People often consult me when they are facing challenging phase in their lives. They want an understanding why it is happening and what one could do about it.
The best kind of tarot reading for this situation is the Question Reading. You write a question about your problem, and you receive your answer by interpreting the cards. The question helps you relate the guidance you receive to your situation in a way that makes sense.

In this article I will try to explain simply how one can ask/seek best.

The first step is to review the current scenario thoroughly. Think about all the people involved, directly or indirectly. Go over your options for the future. Let your mind wander freely. You want to look at your problem without judging or censoring any part. Once you have finished your review, you can write your question. Here are some suggestions:

Accept Responsibility
Write your tarot question to show that you accept responsibility for your situation. Consider these two questions:

Should I apply for a divorce or stay in my dead marriage?
What do I need to know to decide on the best options to handle my marriage?

In the first question, the writer gives up her responsibility for making a decision. She wants the cards to tell her what to do. In the second question, she is simply asking the cards to give her more information. She knows the decision lies with her.

It’s tempting to write the first kind of question. We all seek the certainty that we’re making good choices, but the tarot can’t make our decisions for us.

Avoid questions that deflect responsibility, such as:
Questions to be answered “Yes” or “No” Will I get the job at the bank? Can I lose weight this month?
Am I ready to retire? 

Questions beginning with “Should…”
Should I let my boss be rude with me? 
Should I go out with xyz? 
Should I apply to more than one university? 

Questions asking only about time When will xyz ask me to marry him?
How long will it take to find a new car?
When will I get my promotion? 

Instead, begin your questions with phrases such as these:

Can you give me insight into …
What do I need to understand about …
What is the meaning of …
What is the lesson or purpose of …
What are the circumstances underlying …
How can I improve my chances of …
How might I …


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