Don’t Fight It, Accept The Change: New Moon In Virgo: September 20

Posted: September 11, 2017 by admin

The New Moon in September in Virgo is a bit tricky. There are five planets in Virgo wth Sun, Mars, Mercury, Venus and with Pluto in Capricorn and Neptune in Pisces there are a lot of water and earth energies.

Be careful of overanalysing your emotions. Mars can push you to be aggressive and seek a decision. Where in earlier you may have been comfortable with your situation, the New Moon energy encourages you to review your relationships and the dynamics involved in it. Is there a constant tussle? Do you always have to ask what should be given in the relationship?  Balance and compromise are being asked of you. Gather more information, dive in deeper so you have better clarity on your relationships.

Neptune, can cause some confusion with the facts, so be patient. Keep insecurity at bay and let the Mars energy give you the courage to move ahead and charter new grounds.

New Moon is all about new opportunities, new beginnings – a time to start a new chapter. Give yourself the benefit of doubt, pay heed to the inner voice and let the brave, courageous you soar.

Money and self worth could surface as well with this New Moon. Don’t judge yourself or let other’s judge you by your bank balance – your worth is much more than that.

While, you may not be able to figure out other’s agenda’s, be clear on your goals. Define your boundaries and then stick to them.


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