Blue Moon In Taurus 2020

Blue Moon In Taurus 2020 Endings & Beginnings

Posted: October 24, 2020 by admin

If endings are beginnings
Maybe we should be leaving
If loving you’s like dying
Maybe I could stop breathing
We listen, but are we hearing?
And endings are like beginnings,

If the start is just the finish
Then maybe we should keep moving
What things did you accomplish?
Maybe we could stop counting
I write to learn what I’m thinking
And endings seem like beginnings…(Jamie Cullum)

The halfway point between the Equinox and the Solstice – Blue Moon on October 31st is as potent as it’s powerful. It also happens to be near Halloween and often referred to as the “hunters moon”. This Full Moon in Taurus comes two weeks after the new moon in Libra, which brought attention to our relationships.

Since the Full Moon tends to bring awareness and a Blue Moon brings extra emphasis and focus, you could be in a state of heightened awareness. It’s a great time to journal and listen to your intuition – which should be quite strong at this time, and your dreams revealing. The Full Moon in Taurus is asking us, “What do you want to manifest in the world?” “What have you been working toward creating?” “What practical actions have you been taking to lead to real tangible results?”

  The ritual of releasing – both your emotional and physical baggage which serves you no purpose is practiced across many cultures. This October 2020, we have three moons which is not only an unusual occurrence but this aspect also intensifies its effects. The full moon is a time to release things – physical as well as emotional and one of the most critical things could be friendships, bad habits, and toxic relationships.

Since the Full Moon in Taurus is conjunct it now brings focus to “What do you want for your future?” Uranus is all about freedom and revolution, “What changes do you want to manifest in the world so you can be free?” Whenever the Moon and Uranus come together, there is always the chance that some scandalous/shocking information could come out in the open. There’s a likelihood of experiencing heightened emotions, making it easier for us to get triggered. Lean into the Taurean energy, and connect to the earthy, grounded stability that it can offer to us.  

Besides its chaos, Uranus also corresponds to technology and future advancements. In earth sign Taurus, this Full Moon brings attention to the health and body, and with Uranus in Taurus more attention to science and technology, so it will be interesting to see what revelations come out about the current pandemic virus situation we are dealing with now.

While this Blue Moon may shake things up things and nudges us to release things that we are hanging on to. It’s a push towards ending them if we have lacked the strength. It’s a time of courage, time to rise like the Phoenix from the ashes. Respect the deaths you have faced, and know that all things lost eventually come around again. It is the law of the Universe that nothing is ever destroyed, only reborn.

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