Are You The Only One In Your Relationship?

Posted: September 12, 2017 by admin

Being lonely and alone are not the same thing. It is possible to feel lonely in a crowd and it is possible to be lonely in a relationship. We can however, be lonely when we are alone as well, but the lack of ability to connect our heart and be unable to reach someone when they are unavailable can cause loneliness. It also happens when both partners are unable to get to a point of being comfortable enough to share things with each other, resulting in a complete disconnection.

There are various ways to avoid this, the first one being recognising the pattern and weeding it out from the root. There are no easy ways or a step process to do this, you just have to yank it from the root and plant new seeds again.

Lack of a healthy dialogue simply results in the belief that there’s no scope of trust in conversations.

Focus on your feelings and your behaviour, rather than control or manage your partners by suppressing what you are feeling. Suppressing emotions may work for a while, but in the long run, will only result in frustration and dishonesty.

Stay open to learning when a conflict arises. Be open to communicate and nor create walls between you.

Be willing to speak your truth, be vulnerable without shame and most importantly without finger pointing or judging.

Be loving and gentle towards yourself and acknowledge your feelings. Connect with yourself, what makes you happy, do things that makes you feel comfortable.

Try and identify similar interests. If you can’t agree at a core, fundamental level, then maybe this is not the relationship you want. You cannot be wanting absolutely different things in a relationship and then feel disappointed.

Lastly, silence is a quiet killer. It may buy you temporary peace, but it’s dangerous in the long run. It will only lead to insecurities, secrets, dual lives and a constant frustration.

Use silence wisely, if you must – else avoid it like plague.

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