Mars Retrograde 9th September – 13th November

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Tarot card readers and astrologers often tend to use the traditional ways to describe the energies of Mars, the warrior planet whose retrograde tends to affect our relationships the most. Though Mars traditionally is described as the alpha male symbol, it’s pertinent to keep in mind that all of us possess shades of both of the alpha Aries and the Venus (feminine) energies.

When retrogrades happen, these energies and how we express them in our personal lives can go off in another sphere – but it’s not all hopeless. When Mars, the warrior planet goes retrograde, certain areas of our life can feel, well, a bit fragile. Your love life feels lackluster and at the workplace, you may feel stagnant, and there’s a sense of lack of momentum in any effort you make. Simply put, Mars retrograde is incredibly frustrating. And because this one occurs in fire sign Aries, a sign ruled by Mars, astrologers expect it to be extra challenging. Especially for those of us who have a strong Aries placed in an important house may feel especially affected by the retrograde. Since Mars controls action, aggression, and desire, its retrograde period can leave everyone feeling frustrated and adrift. Your certainty, your control, and your bright, assertive confidence might suddenly be refracted, scattered, or interrupted.

What NOT to do during the Mars Retrograde

In love relationships, it’s best to pause, reflect, and then let it slide.

Remind yourself, the difference between aggressive and assertive.

How to use Mars retrograde to your advantage?

  • Recognize temper tantrums for what they are. Practice as much self-care as possible, whatever that means to you. 
  • Go for a run, start a new work – out regime.
  • Go even easier on yourself and remember that conflict will likely not be productive during this time – instead, what will be productive is introspection.
  • Lean into your higher consciousness. Ask yourself if you’re happy with your relationships and if you’re making progress on your career goals. Use this retrograde to reassess the areas of your life ruled by Mars. 
  • Try and engage as peacefully and calmly as possible, such as playing board games, watching that documentary that’s been on your list forever while cuddling on the couch. Once the retrograde is over, you can put any changes you feel you need to make into action.

How do I deal with all of the uncertainty?

One of the most frustrating feelings that Mars retrograde brings is uncertainty. When your desire drops (whether professionally or personally), you can go from total confidence to questioning everything. Rather than experiencing passion and momentum, you may suddenly feel confused and maybe even trapped. As cliched as it sounds, remind yourself that, this too shall pass.

If you’re in a relationship or job that is really working for you but start to question it during Mars retrograde, don’t make any major decisions. Instead, use the period to reflect and take action after the retrograde ends.

Anyone who has a partner will typically be asking, “Will my partner and I break up?” during this time. And honestly, you might – but only because that possibility always exists. You can reduce the chances of it helping by taking some time for yourself to breathe and giving space to any situations that might be irritating you.

And remember, the truth hurts. If you do break up, the relationship wasn’t going to last anyway. The cosmos just took care of it for you.

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