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Death & Rebirth – Capricorn Full Moon June 2021

Posted: June 16, 2021 by admin

Welcome to the stunning and powerful Capricorn full moon – as it leads us towards the culmination of what we need to be releasing in our lives and what we need to be focussing on.

The 24th June 2021 full moon falls in earthy Capricorn which is creating a newfound sense of discipline and putting a focus primarily on our careers and finances. This productive and hardworking vibe is perfect for putting a fire under our plans or bringing things in our professional life to an exciting fruition.

June’s full moon (which is also known as the annual Strawberry Moon) is also considered a super moon of sorts which makes it the final super moon of 2021. During a super moon, a full moon peaks at a closer-than-usual proximity to the earth, making it look extra big and bright making its energy feel even more potent. So don’t be surprised if you feel a tad intense and emotional yet exhilirated at the same time!

This June 14, we had experienced the second of three consecutive Saturn-Uranus square – that are taking place throughout the course of 2021.  This planetary connection only happens about once every 20 years (the last ones took place in 2000), and they’re likely to create some drama – resulting in some shifts. The focus would be between the clash of old structures with new ways of thinking. It would be worth your while to recall and see as to where you were in 2000 . It could be that there is a similar situation at work – either with an authority figure or power clashes in relationships.

Saturn being the planet of reform and rules will try to find ways to maintain tradition and cling to the past. Meanwhile, rebellious Uranus (planet of chaos and unpredictability) will encourage shake-ups of the status quo and futuristic innovations. This aspect will challenge us to be more progressive and question the authority figures in our life. This Saturn – Uranus square could manifest as changes to the foundational elements of our lives or society at large that’ll force us to face the future in some way. The focus is on rethinking what’s possible as a collective rather than as an individual.

 Pay attention to these vibes, as they’ll be echoed back to us one more time in December, during the final Saturn/Uranus square of the year.

We also happen to be in  retrograde season which is resonating the Super Moon energy of endings and beginnings. And both Jupiter and Neptune begin their annual retrograde periods end of June 2021 – which signifies that approximately four planets will be doing the moon-walk by end of June. 🙂

Thankfully, both Jupiter and Neptune’s retrogrades are relatively chilled out and will help us to expand our minds, allowing us to achieve paradigm shifts and new philosophies on life. Jupiter will move backwards again entering Capricorn, again debilitated – creating some confusion during this period. Maybe some policy reforms get un-done – maybe some positive decisions regarding economies get reversed etc.

However, things do look up when Jupiter finally goes direct in Aquarius on 21st Nov. This Jupiter’s transit is going to be influenced by Saturn who owns Capricorn and Aquarius both. Neptune Retrograde, will pull down the veil on our fantasies, allowing us to see reality without the rose-colored glasses. And thanks to a positive connection from Jupiter, this lunation will be charged with luck, too. 


  • Channel the earthy energy as you start completing your projects.
  • Be in one with the nature – great time to start a kitchen garden, and do some weed pulling out.
  • Full moons can help you break bad habit pattern – trying letting go some toxic habit.
  • Full moons illuminate the our minds as well, so be open to new information, ideas, and feelings to come up to the surface under the light of the full moon, and use it as a chance to put faith in your intuition.
  • Try to heal yourself in some way. Get in touch with nature or learn energy healing modalities like Reiki. I

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