Over the years, I have helped many people unravel their life, and hopefully helped a few along the way.
See what a select few have to say about me.

“Anisha has been more accurate in my forecasts than any weather report! Astonishing accuracy and quite an ability to break the bad news gently. Shows the human side of a soothsayer ūüôā Quite often without any prompts she would send me a text, email in quite trying testing times- shows she is genuinely concerned about her subjects of study. Know her for a number of years and every year rely on her wisdom and knowledge to guide me. Wish her the very best in this new venture.”
Bala Iyengar, zOOm

“I have known Anisha for what seems a life time. I am still amazed with her intuition and clear readings. What makes her special is her compassion at all times and her ability to¬†say the “not so good stuff” gently.¬†Her accuracy¬†on my readings has¬†helped me¬†many a time take informed and wise decisions.¬†I rely on her readings¬†and the wisdom they provide. ¬†My love and endless support.”
J.R. , IBM

“We met in London some years back and I had no idea that Anisha “read” There has been a Karmic “connect” with her. An incredible sense of humor with an ¬†innate sense of compassion, ¬†she has been my light in the dark tunnel. Anisha has been reading for me for some years now – always claiming, “its just a passion, nothing more – make your choices”. Times ¬†when I hesitated to ask – I’ve got an email from her. I know she looks over me. ¬†I wish her the best and I’ve known for a while this is her calling :)”
Catherine, IMG

“I found Anisha to be accurate and very intuitive in her readings. What I liked¬†is ¬†she empowers the person coming for a reading to take decisions and does not offer to “mitigate” problems. Her readings are given in a very positive and insightful way. Anisha also has a knack for breaking the bad news gently. ¬†She definitely ¬†is ¬†talented and ¬†gifted. I wish her all the best.”
Shireen , Mumbai

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