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June Full Moon In Sagittarius: Heal and Transform Yourself

The June Full Moon is one of the most potent in 2017. It falls in  Sagittarius, bringing issues like freedom, transformation and finally optimism to surface.

Jupiter is the supreme god of the Roman pantheon, called  “shining father”. He is a god of light and sky, and protector of the state and its laws. Be it political situations which have been unjust or relationships which have been unequal, Jupiter will force justice and a sense of fair play. Sagittarius is ruled by Jupiter or as per the Greek mythology  Zeus.  He is a son of Saturn and brother of Neptune and Juno (who is also his wife).  He does not tolerate manipulation. 

The Sagittarius energy is giving  and expansive and whenever the Full Moon is in Sagittarius it tends to expand or amplify our personal emotions and situations forcing us to deal with them and bring about change so a balance may be maintained. This full moon expect your relationships to be up for investigation and review. Things which have not worked so far, will have to transform.

With the Venus retrograde squaring Saturn retrograde for most of May 2017 has already placed a lot of strain on love relationships and on personal finances resulting in power struggles. The previous new moon in may brought about some amount of heartache or unexpected events  related to your money or personal life.

It is not all bleak and grey, for post the Full Moon, you will have clarity about which part of your love life you need to change or maybe in some dire cases, even let go. It’s as though the full moon will shine a torch at the dark areas where changes or adjustments need to be made. Post the full, there will be a sense of peace and release. A fragile relationship might break, there could a sense of betrayal or disrespect  and a  healthy one may experience some uncomfortable moments but continue to evolve. Try not to reach out to ex’s during this time or even start a new relationship quickly. Your sense of self could feel challenged, keep yourself away from taking drastic actions, even though temporarily, they might feel good.


The June Full Moon will fill our lives with hope, courage and maybe a direction we have not explored earlier. While the focus is on transformation, it is also about new beginnings. It’s time to clear the baggage from past, release the old hurts and look at our scars gently, be proud of the journey you have undertaken so far, celebrate yourself, so you can welcome a wonderful tomorrow.


3 Signs You Are In A Co Dependent Relationship

Research defines codependency as a behavioural pattern in which you constantly seek approval or validation for your self esteem and identity. It can prevent you from having a healthy relationship and one in which you are constantly seeking the other persons attention and an inability to individually emotionally feel for yourself. Codependent people tend to display almost addictive behaviour which can turn into emotionally destructive behaviours.

It is true, relationships can be a boon or a challenge in our daily lives, depending on the kind of  partners we subconsciously choose or attract. From a soul growth perspective, we are drawn to people who may either activate our dormant triggers allowing us to work in areas of life which need healing or partners who collaborate with us on a soul level and become our cheer leaders while together we do the soul dance.

Codependency is easy to fall into, especially if you have had a childhood deprived of emotional support or any form of neglect in the childhood in which either you were left to fend for yourself or your emotional needs were brushed aside, making you crave for approval or trying to get love from people who could generally be difficult or avoidant of your emotional needs.   The dysfunction is so subtle, that initially in a relationship a partner who is being subjected to it, may feel flattered and wanted. But, once the charm dies the neediness can grate making the pull and push of the relationship incredibly painful to deal with on a daily basis.

  • You feel confined: Since the time you have been in the relationship, you have had to give up on your friends, there are no more “hanging out with the buddies” nights. You feel guilty about spending time with your friends fearing your partner may not like it. It could be that few of your good friends could be of the opposite sex and you may resent you having to give explanations to your partner. Relationships are not prison terms, if you feel restricted chances are it’s not a healthy relationship.
  • You can’t imagine a life without your partner: Yes, it’s cute and romantic doing things together, but if you don’t have a life of your own and depend upon your partner for creating  happiness or a sense of purpose in your life, you can wave your relationship a goodbye.
  • You give and give and then simmer in silent anger:  You mother your partner to a point that they start ignoring your needs. In a healthy relationship, there is give and take and mutual respect. You have to practice taking care of your needs instead of complain or feel let down when your partner refuses to do that for you. Rather than remind your partner or make them count the number of things you do for them, maybe you need to step out of the parenting relationship and take care of your inner self. If something does not feel right, have the courage to say it upfront and not let it fester like an infected wound. Face the fights and arguments and practice standing up for yourself. Either your relationship will evolve and change or you will have clarity in which direction to move.

Being a helpless spectator in your relationship is no fun. The truth is, no one can make us feel better about ourselves. This is self work. Yes, if you manage to find a secure partner who is willing to roll their sleeves and hold your hand while you do the work – it’s wonderful.

Love is being free while being together, its not living in fear or behaving in a scripted way.


What Have You Attracted In Your Life?

An important part of my work are affirmations. I often suggest them towards end of my Tarot readings as exercises to have different perspectives, and watch over our thoughts carefully. Over a period of time, I have realised the misinterpretation towards affirmations. Some roll their eyes dismissively , some do them half heartedly while others simply reject them. Most give up doing the affirmations mid way, for some it just feels like a waste of time. The trick to doing affirmations is to feel them, in your heart, in your mind and in your bones.

I understand, for some after life’s repeated beating, deep dejection can set in. But I also know, that we attract people, situations exactly in spaces of our life where growth is required. This is not to say, that should suffer endlessly on the contrary this is about going against self defeating thoughts which if carried on for a long period of time can physically debilitate you besides turning you negative.

There is no great secret behind the “law of attraction”. We attract what we think or at times people, situations where we need to grow.

You can leave bad situations, abusive relationships and dead relationships. There is no higher good in suffering. The secret lies in fighting against negative conditioning. Be your cheer leader, be your own champion. Don’t let anyone define for you, what you can and can’t do.

You have the power to manifest goodness and love in your life.


Be the Chiron and Heal

2015 has been a year of new moon = new opportunities and full moon = closure. We also had a Lunar eclipse in September. The highlight has been relationships in 2015 and it will carry on in 2016. It’s as though each month we are being given an opportunity to start afresh and close loops. 

While all along the might Saturn has made us shudder and made many run to shani temple every Saturday – out came Pluto the “dwarf planet” (How he must have laughed at the analogy) And with merciless diligence he started digging underground. Layer after layer was exposed. Forcing us to think, take stock of our relationships, our values, of things that really matter.

 IMG-20150709-WA0006Whether it’s a beef ban, children getting raped, creativity which is stifled, domestic abuse, broken relationships – the lesson is fairly on the wall. We can no longer afford to turn our heads the other way. Irrespective of what the contribution is – the effort must be made. Yes, that’s not your child in depression, yes, your child has not been abused and  you’re not the one who’s heart is broken and yes, even though you really don’t care much about animals  and yes, that was  just a stray that was tied to the tree and torched. I am sure all of us can manage basic compassion. 

We have entered astrologically an age of “awareness” – what we choose to do with it of course, is another matter. I agree, it’s not my story and maybe even not yours, but someone somewhere is struggling to be heard, seeking some support, some comfort.

 “What an emotional mess”, “how weak” etc are something that we proudly state. Shaming has become more the done thing. We don’t have nervous breakdowns, get fired, get ugly divorces or even go bankrupt. That only happens in movies. We simply live our glorious lives on social media. Unless the interaction/relationship is not transactional we are not interested in investing anything in it. And rightly why should we?  Compassion is for books and movies. It is hard work being kind and we don’t have the time for it. 

 In 2015 we also had the gentle Chiron make it’s presence felt. Each time Uranus caused havoc and Saturn watched grimly while Pluto un-relentlessly dug open old wounds – I looked for Chiron’s presence. As long as he was around – I knew things would be fine. Challenging yes, but fine.

chiro Chiron is a planetoid though there are various opinions on classification of the body. Chiron is the wounded healer. This planetoid is for everyone who, rather than giving in to despair amid their own suffering, reaches out so others will not have to experience the pain they’ve felt. Many people who have had a painful childhood grow up to be psychiatrists or therapists so that they can help other people get through the same things that hurt them. Parents who have lost children to drunk drivers go on to form support groups so that other parents know they are not alone. These people feel the influence of charitable Chiron. It can be healing for a person to help others cope with a pain that they themselves have lived through.

 Interestingly, Chiron’s story is also about shame. Chiron was rejected by his mother simply for being himself. And often Chiron’s placement in the natal chart indicates where we are carrying some deep shame about who we are. What isn’t perfect about us often becomes an incredible cross to bear. And even if we work hard to hide it or deny it, that shame lurks in the shadows, waiting to erupt. And when Chiron connects by transit with a personal planet it gets triggered.

When Chiron travels through a sign it will bring the old wounds to the surface for healing. Chiron is travelling through the sign of Pisces from February 2011 until May 2018. Chiron has an unusual orbit and passes through Pisces for about 7 years. It only takes approx. 18 months to pass through the opposite sign of Virgo.

chirIn the Greek mythology, Chiron is accidentally hit by an arrow which had been dipped in the poisonous blood of the Hydra and the theme of poisoning is an interesting one around Chiron and the Centaurs. They have been discovered during a period of time 

The Pluto Connection: Chiron may have a role in enabling us to integrate the powerful experiences signified by the outer planets, Uranus, Neptune and especially Pluto, which is in fact the largest inhabitant of the Kuiper Disk, and formerly the only ‘orbit-crossing’ planet. The Centaurs seem to preside over rites of passage and processes of purification that accompany spiritual development. Their discovery may enable consciousness and awareness to be brought into areas of the soul previously inaccessible except perhaps to hermits, mystics and shamans and others dedicated to the inner journey.

This is a split between the conscious and unconscious. Chiron is associated with the 6th house of healing and the sign of Virgo. The 6th house shows our habits, our daily rituals and is the daily rituals such as brushing our teeth, that affect our well being. The most important shift in healing today is the recognition of the power of the mind. As Mercury governs Virgo this brings in the concept of daily practice using communication through ‘doing’. Virgo is an earth sign which is essentially practical.

As we are in the process of wrapping up 2015 , take a look at what’s happening around you, become aware that you too have a role to play – a non transactional one. Detach yourself from “what will people think” – try and stay authentic. Reach out – make that effort. Try not to judge. You’re not wearing their shoes, try not not to mock/scoff when they carry on like a stuck record, you don’t know their story or what they are dealing with. 

Be kind, try be the Chiron in someone’s life. 


Get Your Funk On

15627_10152734843520875_7600415943623217630_n“There are so many ways to be brave in this world. Sometimes bravery involves laying down your life for something bigger than yourself, or for someone else. Sometimes it involves giving up everything you have ever known, or everyone you have ever loved, for the sake of something greater.But sometimes it doesn’t.
Sometimes it is nothing more than gritting your teeth through pain, and the work of every day, the slow walk toward a better life. That is the sort of bravery I must have now.”   
Being brave, showing up for yourself. Everyday.
Being brave is often classified as being “physically brave” – participating in adventurous or risky sport or activities or courageous in the

5 penta

face of physical pain, hardship, or threat of death, while “emotional courage” is the ability to keep your calm and wits about when faced with rejection, heart break, shame, or discouragement.  Strength Tarot card beautifully depicts both inner and outer courage and strength, often emerging from the most unlikeliest of sources.
But have you thought about others?  Courage is displayed throughout the deck.  The 7 of Wands displays a kind of crazy, madman courage in the face of overwhelming odds and besides, he’s not ready. He has just jumped up and rushed out – totally unprepared. The 5 of Pentacles shows the inner strength to persevere when one is at the rope’s frayed end but to keep going despite hardships and challenges.  The 8 of Cups shows the courage to strike out on one’s own, leaving behind what once was cherished. It’s also about moving away from pain and choosing the unknown.
7 wandsThe 8 of Pentacles is about the everyday courage it takes to do what has to be done, again and again.  The 7 of Swords shows someone taking a lot of risk into one’s own hands, and feeling somewhat cornered into doing so.   All of these actions take courage in varying degrees and measures.

eight_pentacles 8 cupsStories.  We all have our stories, our moments, however brief, of striking courage that surprised people around us and made us look at ourselves in another light.  We look back and wonder at our own bravery, or foolish recklessness, because sometimes it’s hard to tell the difference.

Sometimes we don’t even recognize it as bravery.  We were just doing what had to be done and didn’t feel any special commission that stated, “This is bravery, right here.”  It was just necessary and we did it.
It is not necessary for courage to be on display each day – at times we feel just because we have done it once, it’s accomplished. Truth be told, you have to be brave each day. At times, it’s like gritting your teeth and moving on and at times it’s as simple as standing your ground, holding on to what feels right in your gut and not being ashamed of it.
Of walking away from situations, from people who no longer value you.
And not looking back.

The 4th House In Astrology & Tarot : Emotional Foundations

The 4th house rules your home, family, and foundation. It can rule your home itself structurally, like the kind of home you like and the place or area you’d like to live, as well as the environment within the home. The 4th is where we go when we collapse. It rules home and family, ancestors and homeland. It provides a literal retreat. The 4th house is on as axis with the 10th house (the exact opposite house). There is an inevitable conflict between the needs of the soul and the demands of public life. From the 4th we’re called to serve society in our 10th house role. This axis is also a very spiritual axis, and the 4th house shows the spiritual foundation upon which you build. Cancer and the Moon rule the 4th house, and this house is an angular house.

The fourth house is also the house of our childhood and our parents childhood and so-on.  It represents the circle of life and size. It’s the house of what makes us into who we are as adults and it’s our past that we like to keep private.  This is where we can find “Skeletons in the closet“. It represents resources used to rear us.

Do you wonder if you will ever find and own your dream home? In tarot, there are several cards which refer to property matters and moving house. These are a few cards based on my experience as a reader.

4 wandsThe four of wands

A happy scene indeed. This bright card foretells that you are about to set down new roots and you will be more than happy in your new home. Good energy and a fabulous neighbours. What more can you ask for? A card connected with celebrations also, it likely to indicate a   house warming party too.

The Empress This card is often associated with pregnancy and even financial abundance. But I find she also pops up in a reading when someone is about to make a move of house and settle down in a lovely location, more often than not close to the countryside, or even  own a house that has a large garden (the Empress is linked to Nature). She does look comfortable too, doesn’t she? So expect to feel this way in your new home. It could be a move that lasts you a life time.

3 pentaclesThree of Pentacles: Three people stand outside of a property, they are deep in discussion.

The discussion could involve changes to the property structure. Work needs to be done. Renovations to be carried out.

Yes, a house move will happen. But expect to spend money on improvements and these may not necessarily be what you are aware of at the point of sale. Make sure your budget allows for unforeseen extras.This card can also indicate future expansion of your living space. Adding extra rooms or extending a room.


When Your Past Hurts Your Today

“I can’t get over his past”, she said petulantly.

I looked at the aging,  pretty face of the late thirty something sitting across me. We had been chatting for an hour now. This was her second marriage, no children from the first and the man she was marrying was everything she had desired her partner to be. Doting, loving, financially successful.

The only hitch being he had a past. Which she couldn’t get over. So did she, but in her mind it didn’t exist. The conversation reeked of feeling inferior and a lack of  self worth was glaringly visible. We had consulted the Tarot and everything had pointed towards an inner change. Change of the mind and of the attitude. There was nothing in her environment that suggested otherwise. Constantly living in the victim mode is demeaning not only to yourself but to the person you share your life with. Being the victim feels good, it’s like being on the winning team of you against the world. But guess what? The world largely doesn’t care.

The obsession of living in the past hurt or of assumed hurt is a sure poison that will wreck many a relationship.

We had pulled the Hanged Man as a core of the reading.

hanged manHanged Man In Tarot

A man is upside down. His right ankle is tied to a tree branch and his torso spans the length of the trunk. He is awake, and alertly stares at the viewer. His left leg is bent at the knee, crossed behind his straightened and bound right leg. His hands are not visible and are behind his waist. Most interestingly, he has a halo like those seen in medieval paintings of saints and his long blonde hair stretches downward, obscuring the top of his spiritual crown.

The Hanged Man has put himself in this position and there is no way he can win. And yet, that halo lets us know that he may be about to claim a sizable victory. He was not attacked, nor forced to be where he is, nothing is disheveled besides his hair hanging down due to simple gravity. With his hidden hands, he is not letting us see his manipulation of the situation. His bent leg indicates that he is getting quite comfortable being helpless. The Hanged Man represented this person in her reading, she was  being advised by the Tarot deck to surrender, to change course or to let the universe solve a situation without your input.

The Hanged Man combined with the Devil card speaks about obsessions, addictions which we are consciously unwilling to let go off.

At times if we can welcome abundance into our lives, to take an approach of abundance towards the Universe rather than lack, and to try, even in moments of difficulty and feeling blocked, to cultivate a gracious attitude of counting our blessings and taking full advantage of enjoying the abundance that already surrounds us. Sometimes appreciating what we have rather than focusing on what we don’t have can create the conditions we need to emerge from a stagnant period with renewed energy.



When Love Begins To Fade….


If some research is to be believed,  scientists have discovered that people can have a love that lasts a lifetime. There The researchers had apparently scanned the brains of couples together for 20 years and compared them with results from new lovers. Previous research has suggested that the first stages of romantic love fade within 15 months and after 10 years it has gone completely  against the traditional view of romance — that it drops off sharply in the first decade — but we are sure it’s real,” as per Arthur Aron, a psychologist.

I often see the Sun reversed appear in troubled relationships. Or relationships which are heading towards one. But with a situation which has not yet matured  and is a mere indication, it’s an extremely tricky aspect to read in Tarot for often the love waning can be misread. It could be the monotony in the relationship or even a tiring phase that each relationship experiences over a period of time – which could be getting reflected.

sun reversedIt is tempting to view a reversed card as undesirable. A woman wanted a baby, so she was disheartened by the reversed Empress. Someone else might have viewed the same card differently. Reversed cards are not negative in and of themselves. Everything depends on what you hope to achieve.  A reversed Sun shows this same energy is present, but at a lower level. The vitality is reduced or limited in some way. You may feel lowered pep or enthusiasm.  Yes, your lover still loves you, but it is not in a very strong way. It speaks of a time when things could be ho-hum between you…OR that one of you just does not care where the relationship is headed. Sure, you are with someone, but you are not as happy as you expected.

However, the Sun tarot card is very strong in power. Consequently, in reversed position, it is not always bad. There still is hope – provided conversations happen and clarity prevails.


worldreversed Should The World reversed come along with the reversed Sun in a relationship reading, it confirms the bumps and bruises in the relationship. This aspect also accentuates  a certain amount of boredom and disappointment. The feeling can be so tiring that you might simply think that your relationship is going in circle and the road to a happy future looks longer than you have expected.


At times we avoid the most important conversations for fear of knowing the truth. So we keep going round and round in circles creating more stagnancy. This aspect also speaks about low self worth.  You feel that you are not good enough for anyone and thus it is better for you to not meet new people.


“Our Love Is Fading” – Sheryl Crow

While you’re hesitating Baby, our love is fading

Still you keep me hanging on, while you wait for the right time

Every day turns to nighttime, until one day love is gone

I called you on the phone, seems like you’re never home but I know

It’s not that you don’t care, I think it’s that you’re scared to let go

Don’t have to tell me twice, I’ve made the sacrifice to hold on

I could be out instead, you’re playing with my head and that’s wrong


Top 7 Things NOT To Say To A Capricorn!

capriThe ruling planet for Capricorn is Saturn. Considered the taskmaster of the Zodiac, Saturn rules theories, scientific law, patience, timing, tradition, conventionality, and the productive use of time. Capricorn is ruled by Saturn. In ancient Roman mythology, Saturn was the father of many of the gods. Consider him top dog, if you will, and then you’ll see a parallel to Capricorns. Those born under this sign also want to be the top dog, and they’re smart enough to know that the title won’t simply be handed to them.

1.    Perfectionists: Capricorns are perfectionists, thus need to be doing well to be truly happy. They tend to have extremely high standards in everything – even relationships. They can’t help but compare themselves to just about everybody. Capricorn looks at the achievements of others and imagines how they would’ve done it better. Don’t be surprised in a Capricorn house to get the cushions patted the moment you get up from the couch.

2.    Power HungrCapricorns most important need is security, financial and material security. Ambition is the keyword for this sign. Most people are happiest when they’re drinking or partying, but Capricorns are happiest when they’re slaving away on achieving their goals. Once a goal is set, they will go the distance The key phrase for Capricorn is “I use.” The Capricorn possesses a real knack for finding the right tool for the job and getting down to it.. A large measure of strength of character is also associated with Capricorn. Starting at the bottom of the ladder and working their way to the top doesn’t scare the Capricorn off.

3.    Sarcastic: Which is true but in a Capricorn head they are the most gentle and compassionate souls They are exceptionally sarcastic. The witty nasty kinds wherein you’re not sure whether it’s an insult or a compliment Very few Capricorns will suffer fools gladly or even a lack of basic common sense can throw them into a  irritable tongue lashing.

4.    Boring: Thanks to Saturn being the ruling planet, Capricorns might seem boring and stern because they live by self-discipline and responsibility. They evaluate everything and they don’t take daring chances without weighing the advantages and disadvantages first. To the onlooker, they might seem boring but it is the serious drive and structured way of life that the Capricorn feels safe with. Capricorn’s self-sufficiency is often mistook for coldness, they are not as cold as they seem, this might be apparent just because Capricorns like to do everything themselves this way there is no worry about something not finished or not done properly.

 5.  Slow: Say this to a Capricorn be sure to lose a friend or earn their contempt. They’re known for their slow and steady progress, and this is also why the second half of their life is usually the best, and commonly when they’re happiest settling down. They work hard at being good partners, and pride themselves on being totally there for loved ones. t’s ruled by Saturn, the planet of slow and steady progress, and conservatism. Capricorns are thought to move through life, achieving success slowly but surely.capro

 6. Emotionally Unavailable: Saturn brings a heaviness in Capricorn which could make them appear emotionally cold. Truth be told, Capricorns can sometimes be rather lonely people, although they rarely let it show. They are often a little reserved—even standoffish. Don’t expect them to open up to you right away. It takes time for them to feel comfortable enough to share their personal life story or problems. It’s how they protect themselves. In their mind, what you don’t know… you can’t use against them.

7. Rigid: This is true of Capricorns even the one’s that put up a good show of being sweet and patient. Yet, they hate to be told so – simply because they don’t believe it. There’s a bit of a doubting Thomas in almost all Capricorn people. Many squint often—not due to poor eyesight, but because their first reaction to information is skepticism! It’s more of a furrowing of the eyebrows, and it’s often seen in people with a strong Saturn. Capricorns take a long time to change their mind or opinion once formed.

Top 7 Things NOT To Say To An Aquarius

aqua 2Aquarius is the 11th Sign of the Zodiac (also known as the Water Bearer), which though is known for it’s eccentricity and quirkiness, tends to be very sensitive and can easily get hurt by criticism. They enjoy the company of people who can mentally stimulate them. The ruling planets for Aquarius are Uranus and Saturn. Uranus is the planet of freedom and revolutionary vision, the urge for change and the ability to visualize new possibilities. Uranus rules Aquarius, and is also associated with mental studies, electricity and astrology.

1.    Call Them Aloof or Cold: Aquarius like the Pisces live in two worlds – the only difference is their razor sharp intellect. There’s very little that escapes the water bearer.  They can come across as detached and aloof but do know that they always have one foot firmly planted on the ground. Don’t get fooled by your Aquarians faraway look, chances are they can hear you but don’t are just in their anti social mode. Give them some space, they’ll reach out to you.


2.  Stupid!!: Aquarians pride themselves on their brains. You’ll lose a Aquarian friend faster if you don’t respect their mental prowess. Children of the water-bearer are known for their love of personal space, independence, general weird humor, and quirkiness. An air sign, they are intellectual and witty having been gifted with an analyti

cal mind. Always living in the future, they are ahead of their time and may come off as a bit strange to others.

3      Rubbish Their Ideas: Being ruled by Uranus the wild boy of Astrology is no mean feat. Ura


nus being the strangest and the most electrifying planet in the universe. Uranus is often associated with brilliance – even if it is temporary. Aquarians are known for their revolutionary ideas and fearless belief in radical ideas. They firmly believe in keeping the dreams alive, whether they succeed or not.

4      Question Their Knowledge: Charles Darwin, Mozart, Abraham Lincoln,  Yoko Ono are all Aquarians as is Oprah Winfrey. Aquarians hate being told “you don’t know” as they know everything – or they firmly believe that they do. It’s an inherent characteristic of theirs. You’ll seldom hear an Aquarius say “I don’t know” – they are more likely to say “you don’t know me”

5.  Criticize Them : Brace yourselves if you have an Aquarian spouse or child. These water bearer comes with an acid tongue. Though they will vehemently – but it’s true. The important thing to keep in mind is what have to done to earn their ire? An Aquarius will really need to have their buttons pressed or be betrayed before they lash out on you.  Though some do it for out of sheer boredom as well!aqua travel

5      Hate Travel: The moment you say this to the Airy friend he’s already lost interest in you. Aquarians love a good adventure. Since the get bored fast a change of scenario always perks them up and clears their head. They enjoy meeting new people, experiencing different cultures, cuisines . They are very much a explorer at heart.

7  Be Petty: Aquarians hate pettiness in anyone.  This is one zodiac that truly believes in “live and let live” Be careful not to not nit – pick or be tight fisted around them – they will lose all respect for you – worse they will refuse to be associated with you. Aquarians are the humanitarian sign – you can be sure to find them in protest rallies and animal shelters.