Lessons Of 2017

I had hoped that as one grows older, you begin to enter a magical phase of wisdom, where one day you have it all figured.  Turns out that’s not true.  You still have to struggle with alarm clocks, your work & balancing time for your family. You still have to do it yourself. And maybe with more discipline and patience than you had earlier. I am listing a couple of thing in no particular order – lessons that came up in the form of people and situations.

Forgive:  Not the transactional forgiveness – but forgiveness that will benefit you in the long run. And though it may feel like when you forgive people closest to you,  you are condoning their behavior, or you are allowing them to get away with something that isn’t fair. But you need to do this for your own selfist interest. For a happier and mentally equipped state to be able to handle problems as and when they come up.

Make friends with fear and doubt.: Unfortunately, doubt and fear are best friends. Doubt tends to paralyse. Doubt kills. And it will consume you alive. And together they’ve ruined many great relationships. We would be living our dreams and doing great things if overcoming doubt and fear was easy. The truth is they are ingrained in us as survival tactics and it’s harder than we think it would be to let go of them.

Shop food with awareness reading ALL the fine print carefully. And then discard half the stuff in your basket. Less is more.

Cultivate Awareness: Do things that make you uncomfortable. Wake up a little early, spend an hour alone, focussing on the sensations that arise in you. Observe. Observe how you feel. Resist the urge to get up and do something to distract your mind. Be in silence. A lot of clarity can simply emerge if you willing to surrender yourself to the now. Be aware of your reactions, bit by bit try and resist the urge to follow the pattern that is tied to your sensations and mind.

Eating Mindfully:  Create a healthy relationship with food. Eat without watching YouTube or the telly. When we are aware of the process of eating, we might notice that we are satisfied with much less food. Get in touch with your hunger; are you eating to satiate a craving of the mind or does your body really need it? You will realise our bodies are simple machines, treat it with respect. Slow your mind. Be aware of your sense of fullness and hunger and practice differentiating the same.

Learn to let it the f**k go. Literally. Let it go : I could literally write a book on this topic. Accept that you don’t have either the power to fix or change other people.

Prioritise mental, spiritual and physical health.

Trust that everything eventually will be okay.



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